August 2018 – 2400 learners, 54 teachers loads of challenges

“We had a special experience this week at a school that is deep in the township. 2400 learners, 54 teachers loads of challenges. In fighting, gangsters, unfinished school buildings….

  • We prayed with teachers and school pastors in the prayer room.
  • Shared the Jesus film app with all of them.
  • Roads are a challenge but we will press on, it is an active choice.

We learnt that if you have an appointment and the person is not at the school the Lord will give other opportunities. Like yesterday, for example, we ended up in the principals office after arriving at the school for a scheduled appointment and the person not being there. We ended up building relationships and teaching that relationships take time but that is what discipleship is about. We have 5 of the teachers coming again to the TT training in September. We plan to give them more resonsibility and help them to do the mentoring correctly and thouroughly.

Thank you for praying for the work and upcoming TT training in September.”

~ Sanei Botha ~