Teachers Training (TT)

How do we view young people whose lives are devastated, even tragically ended because of unhealthy choices?

For most of us, youth issues and the many subsequent results are difficult to bring into focus. But allowing these issues, and our response to it, to remain unfocused, is a luxury we cannot afford. The effects of high risk activities among youth, re alcohol abuse, drugs, violence, sex, bullying, are clearly visible.

At our Teachers Training (TT) we bring the youth at risk picture into focus by defining these risky behaviors and providing concrete strategies which will equip you to empower your students to make wise choices.

Risk activities have to do with patterns of behavior. These are actions, something that can be seen. It can be described in detail based upon observation.

To change risky behavior requires much more than “telling” them what to do. Change requires knowledge (adequate information), a positive attitude, as well as the skills needed for positive behavior. We need students to know what is right, have the attitude to want to do what is right, and help them practice the skill of doing what is right.

The TT will equip you to bring about change in behavior by teaching on all three levels, knowledge, attitude and skill.

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