CrossRoads - Building Good Character

    CrossRoads - Building Good Character

    CrossRoads - Building Good Character

Invitation to CrossRoads Teachers Training

Identified by Cause for Justice as one of the suitable alternatives that can be used to teach sexual education in school through values.

Are your Life Skills teachers equipped to handle the following problems?

Bullying, teenage pregnancy, addictions, low self-esteem, pornography, gangsterism etc.


CrossRoads train and equips teachers to address these issues:

Different approach to teach sexual components that are acceptable to parents and teachers.

The teaching method is interactive with fun elements

The learners discover the truths for themselves

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CrossRoads Results

Since CrossRoads began in 1995, there have been:

200 National Volunteer Trainers Trained
200 National Volunteer Trainers Trained
47,000 Teachers Trained
47,000 Teachers Trained
4.2 Million Students Trained
4.2 Million Students Trained
3.4 Million Have Viewed The Jesus Film
3.4 Million Have Viewed The Jesus Film
10.4 Million People Reached
10.4 Million People Reached
70 Countries World Wide
70 Countries World Wide

Life at The CrossRoads Curriculum

What We Offer75 Countries | 16 languages | 5 units | 30 lessons

Unit 1 Relationships

The types of relationships we choose can have a significant impact on the decisions we make for our lives. Some relationships are naturally a part of our lives, other relationships are formed as a result of the choices we make…  

Unit 2 Character Connection

Can your friend be trusted to do what he or she says? Can you? Do you show respect for others? Are you responsible? Are you kind? Do you treat others fairly? In this unit, students learn to determine the quality of their relationships…

Unit 3 Sex in Perspective

This unit helps adolescents evaluate the purposes of sex and the appropriate context for a sexual relationship. Sexually transmitted infections, especially HIV/AIDS, are addressed in detail…  

Unit 4 Life Skills

Students are given the skills and opportunity to decide how they will act on what they know, how they will handle difficult situations, and how they will make and follow through on good character-based decisions for their lives…  

Unit 5 Navigating Your Future

Students examine their lives at the crossroads of decision and change, and are given confidence to navigate the future. Where will you go from here? This is a very positive, encouraging unit…


This curriculum is a tool for educators and other community-based instructors. It is designed to help students internalize positive values and develop skills that can guide them to become good decision makers, responsible for their personal health and well-being.

Life at the CrossRoads assists parents and guardians as they guide their young adults through the maze of dangers that face them today like HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, teenage pregnancy, alcohol and other drug use, and ever-increasing youth violence.

Uniquely designed to foster communication and strengthen relationships between adolescents and adults, the lessons in Life at the CrossRoads motivate young people to become persons of character.

The lessons focus on imparting knowledge, fostering proper attitudes, and developing skills that help adolescents stand up against peer pressure and with confidence and tact.

Discussions regarding how to deal with failure, finding courage to move toward success, and planning for the future help young people look at life realistically yet with vision.

CrossRoads Blog

Latest News and Reports from CrossRoads South Africa

Refresher Course 14 – 16 February 2020

The CrossRoads Refresher Workshop was presented from 14-16 February 2020. 16 people from 8 schools, and people from different church denominations attended our second Refresher course.

Teachers Training at UFS – September 2018

At our Teachers Training (TT) we bring the youth at risk picture into focus by defining these risky behaviors and providing concrete strategies which will equip you to empower your students to make wise choices.

Destiny’s Youth Camp – 06 September 2018

Before Sipho and I were allowed to talk to the leaders we had to participate in their fear factor challenge. Poor Sipho was very brave and actually overcame many of his fears.

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Bloemfontein Branch

Contact: Sanei Botha | Address: 87 Kellner street, Westdene, Bloemfontein, 9301 |
Office: 051 430 4591 | Mobile: 083 300 3003 |
Email: bloemfontein@xroads.org.za

Cape Town Branch

Contact: Nyameka Sonti |
Address: 1 st Block A & B, No 3 Tyger Valley Chambers, 17 Willie van Schoor Road, Bellville, 7530 |
Office: 021 657 9264 | Mobile: 071 395 0049‬‬‬‬  |
Email: capetown@xroads.org.za

Durban Branch

Contact: Mpume Mthembu | Address: Westville Baptist church, 2 Church Place, Westville, Durban, 3629 |
Mobile: 078 996 8593 |
Email: durban@xroads.org.za

Machadodorp Branch

Contact: Jaco & Heleen Lourens | Address: P O Box 100, Machadodorp, 1170 | Mobile: 078 823 5196 | Email: machadodorp@xroads.org.za

Philippolis Branch

Contact: Francois and Leani du Toit | Address: 5 Philippolis, 93 Tobie Muller Street , 9930 |
Mobile: 082 855 1052 / 082 693 3302 |
Email: philippolis@xroads.org.za

Pretoria Branch

Contact: Pierre Vigoureux | Address: 98 Rigel Avenue, Erasmusrand, Pretoria, 0181  |
Office: 012 347 6981 | Mobile: 082 854 6117 |
Email: vigoureux50@gmail.com

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