The purpose of these eight workshops is to introduce parents to the Life at the CrossRoads curriculum and to the concepts that will be taught to their children. Each workshop gives parents an opportunity to learn, discuss, ask questions, and build a relationship with you, the teacher. The ultimate goals of the workshops are 1) to gain support from parents for the Life at the CrossRoads concepts that their children will be learning, and 2) to equip and encourage them to discuss these concepts with their children in a “Family Connection” time. This not only reinforces the life skills that students are learning in class, but it helps to strengthen the parent-child interaction on these difficult yet crucial topics.

This series of workshops is not intended to be taught as a “stand-alone” parent seminar apart from Life at the CrossRoads. Rather, it is intended to be a companion piece—an integral part of the curriculum.

Workshop 1: Laying the Foundation

The initial workshop will provide a general introduction for parents to the Life at the CrossRoads curriculum and introduce the concept of Family Discussions.

Workshop 2: Building Healthy Relationships

Parents will be encouraged to give feedback regarding the first few lessons and they will learn the importance of relationships in building a strong foundation in their children’s lives.

Workshop 3: Good Character, Healthy Relationships

This session will help parents to see the connection between good character and healthy relationships.

Workshop 4: We All Need Heroes

Parents will be presented with the rationale for the importance of heroes in their children’s lives and why Jesus is a worthy role model of good character.

Workshop 5: Your Child’s Sexual Health, Part 1

This workshop will give parents an overview of what will be taught in Unit 3 and how it will be presented to their adolescents. They will be given information on sexually transmitted diseases, including the causes and possible consequences of these diseases.

Workshop 6: Your Child’s Sexual Health, Part 2

This workshop will introduce parents to the information their adolescents will be taught regarding the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, and the facts related to HIV/AIDS.

Workshop 7: Practice, Practice, Practice

This session will give parents an overview of Unit 4, in which they will learn the importance of decision making for their children’s future.

Workshop 8: The Future is at Stake

This final workshop will give parents an overview of Unit 5. The lessons in this unit will teach about unconditional love and will focus on change as a result of forgiveness, hope, and a new start.