Unit One: Relationships

Lesson 1 Looking Ahead
Lesson 2 Understanding Yourself
Lesson 3 Appreciating People
Lesson 4 Building Friendships
Lesson 5 Defining Genuine Love
Lesson 6 Facing Choices
Unit One Assessment

Unit Two: The Character Connection

Lesson 7 Building Character
Lesson 8 Character Matters
Lesson 9 Assuming Responsibility
Lesson 10 Respecting Others
Lesson 11 A Role Model of Good Character
Lesson 12 A Closer Look
Unit Two Assessment

Unit Three: Sex in Perspective

Lesson 13 Intimacy and Marriage
Lesson 14 The Hawk and the King
Lesson 15 Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Lesson 16 Prevention Strategies
Lesson 17 The Story of AIDS
Lesson 18 HIV/AIDS: The Facts
Lesson 19 AIDS, the Future, and You
Unit Three Assessment

Unit Four: Life Skills

Lesson 20 Right Choices
Lesson 21 Jason and the Time Thread
Lesson 22 The Pressures You Face
Lesson 23 Standing Strong
Lesson 24 How to Say No
Unit Four Assessment

Unit Five: Navigating Your Future

Lesson 25 Amazing Love
Lesson 26 A New Start
Lesson 27 It Takes Courage
Lesson 28 Your Life at the CrossRoads
Lesson 29 Character Workshop
Lesson 30 CrossRoads Character Presentation
Unit Five Assessment