CrossRoads challenges people from all walks of life: To assist, train and equip leaders, educators, medical and social professionals, business people, politicians and parents to provide real solutions to the many problems experienced by young people.

CrossRoads is a strategy that provides educational, health and spiritual solutions to communities devastated by social crises such as drug addiction, crime, HIV/AIDS, STI’s, teenage pregnancy and family violence. This is an innovative plan to transform communities worldwide through a powerful educational strategy, training teachers, parents, and leaders to help young people avoid risk taking behavior and embrace hope, life, and truth.

CrossRoads was launched in 1995, and this strategy now operates in over 75 countries. It provides a unique opportunity to partner with schools, political, religious and charitable structures as well as non-governmental organizations to help address these critical needs and to provide a positive social and spiritual impact within a community. Working in cooperation with these entities.

CrossRoads trains national school teachers how to teach the Life at the CrossRoads curriculum to their students. Then, through the teachers and students, the strategy expands to include parents and the whole community. Communities around the world are changed not through personal willpower, government programs, or infusion of wealth, but through the transformation of a single person’s heart.