What is CrossRoads?

  • CrossRoads is a felt-need strategy that provides educational, health and spiritual solutions to communities devastated by social crises among youth [STIs, alcohol, drugs and violence].
  • Using Jesus as a role model for character, CrossRoads’ training & curriculum equips leaders to address the whole person– helping youth make wise choices, changing lives, and restoring nations to health.  This is having significant impact on more than 50 countries and has earned the respect of governments and NGO’s around the world.
  • CrossRoads’ success comes from its unique approach.  While many programs focus only on modifying visible negative behaviors, CrossRoads recognizes that lasting change occurs from worldview transformation, character & relationship development and spiritual conversion.


  • CrossRoads launched in 1995, following the “ABC” [Abstinence, Be faithful and Condom use] model used in Uganda – focusing on “A” and “B”.
  • CrossRoads developed a 30-lesson Life Skills and Character curriculum [Life at the CrossRoads] as its centerpiece for school based trainings.  This curriculum is now available in 15 languages.
  • CrossRoads held its first Teacher Training in Libreville, Gabon in 1996.
  • CrossRoads is now operating in more than 50 nations, training and certifying teachers, health professionals, counselors, youth workers, faith workers, NGO’s and even governments to take this strategy to their communities.

Services and Products

  • Strategy consultation: CrossRoads is available to share ideas, strategies, materials and lessons learned with others committed to help transform communities plagued by social crisis.
  • Life at the CrossRoads curriculum: An educational curriculum designed to build and develop character in youth so they are equipped to make good choices.  The curriculum uses Jesus as the role model of character.
  • Films (Choices, Hope+, The Book):  Award-winning videos that follow several individuals whose lives have been shattered by HIV/AIDS, but who ultimately experience new life and victory through the transforming power of faith.  Choices: 9 languages; Hope+: 12 languages
  • Better Choices: A six-lesson seminar that is ideal for a weekend or a one-day seminar.  Using segments of a drama series, leaders and churches can use this seminar to introduce others to Jesus and provide basic HIV/AIDS information.
  • Jesus as a Role Model of Character:  Eight lessons on what Jesus taught on character and how He role-modeled what He taught from the Gospel of Luke (DVD).
  • The Book:  A silent, short film that depicts the difference one caring adult can make in the life of a youth.


Since CrossRoads began in 1995, there have been:

  • 200 National Professional Volunteer Trainers equipped to lead CrossRoads in 70 countries
  • 47,000 teachers trained to use Life at the CrossRoads curriculum.
  • 4.2 million students trained in classrooms through the CrossRoads strategy.
  • 3.4 million people have seen Jesus as a character model through the Jesus film.
  • 2.8 million people reached through other CrossRoads strategies.
  • Total:  10.4 million people reached through the CrossRoads strategy.