CrossRoads Teachers Training

Are your Life Skills teachers equipped to handle the following problems?

Bullying, teenage pregnancy, addictions, low self-esteem, pornography, gangsterism etc.


CrossRoads train and equips teachers to address these issues:

Different approach to teach sexual components that are acceptable to parents and teachers.

The teaching method is interactive with fun elements

The learners discover the truths for themselves

Life at the CrossRoads (CrossRoads Curriculum) has been identified by Cause for Justice as one of the suitable alternatives that can be used to teach sexual education in school through values.

Learners are involved in a very interactive fun way to develop their characters.

We would like to invite you the next workshop and would appreciate it if you can come or send the Life Skills teachers. The teachers will receive a curriculum with all the lessons which are interactive and preventative in approach.

We are accredited with SACE, so teachers will receive 15 PDP points when attending the workshop.

Once the trainee agrees to teaching the curriculum, we will provide all the formal and informal assessments of all 28 lessons with memorandums, activity pages and rubrics, free of charge. Lessons with power points will be also be available.

Each lesson connects with a value and human rights.

Extra information is available to make learners aware of the risks on drugs, abortion, rape and pornography.

Please invite teachers that have not done the course before.