Refresher Course 14 – 16 February 2020

We had 16 people from 8 schools, and people from different church denominations that attended our second Refresher course.  We gave a practical demonstration of all 28 lessons of the curriculum to people who attended the previous Teachers Training.   The CrossRoads Refresher Workshop was presented from 14-16 February 2020.  

Student presenters added a dynamic impact to the workshop as well as Marais Koegelenberg and Nyameka Sonti from Cape Town.  It added a new dimension in communication between teachers and students.  Keontse Selesanyeng is one of our trainers for many years and is now part of the CrossRoads team in Bloemfontein.  Valerie Venter also presented lessons.   She worked very hard to prepare the power points for the lessons and the activity pages, formal and informal assessments to help the teachers.

Comments of Attendees:

Our Presenters

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Group 1

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Sophy Limakatso Vilakazi (Tjhebelopele Prim school) – I will promote self-control as part of good character by instilling the values, good morals and life principle that is acceptable among communities and schools.  I will also beach learners to respect themselves and others. To promote abstinence, I will give them the reasons why to abstain.  I learned to create an environment of trust by being truthful and fulfil my promises. I am going to start making good choices by forgiving myself and start all over again.  I am going to start a workshop each month for parents who are interested.  I am going to give the curriculum in school and during camps.  

Paulina Madikoe (Matla Primary School) – I learned to care for others and to listen to the message before you take action. I learned that relationships must have respect and trustworthiness. I will promote the six pillars by taking my learners to collect the littering objects and bring them for recycling.  I will teach them the five dimensions by showing them the importance of doing social work.  I will promote good character by teaching children to instil principles and virtues and morals so that they can promote them in their community and their school.  I will help children who live in difficult situations in my community by teaching them about the way they can have a long life by abstaining and finish their matric, going to university and getting a good job.  I will make sure that I stand up in all my situations that make me relax in life and start to take the one of courage. I will teach this curriculum because learners are traumatized due to their things that happen in their lives.  I learned that when I am hurt, to talk with someone you trust. 

Esmeralda Havenga (Creare)– I learned to ask more questions in class and to use more props.  The demonstrations helped me to understand that visual makes it better, to add pictures they can relate to more, so that students can understand it and meaning of intellectual information.  I learned to speak more openly about sexual information, to give the learners the facts.  To help children in difficult situation we must teach them respect and responsibilities.  The highlight was all the activities and during group discussions to hear different perspectives.

Kgosi Hendricks (Anglican Church)– I learned how to field difficult questions.  The demonstrations showed that one has various options depending on your circumstances.  To try to create an environment of trust between me and learners by not being judgemental but showing them genuine unconditional love.  I learned how important it is to take responsibility for my choices. I will teach the curriculum in my confirmation class and youth groups. This course was helpful, the additional resources will make the presentation of the course more work-friendly.  The highlight was the group presentations at the end.

Group 2

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Tsepo Blom (Private) – I saw that I must be prepared beforehand using relevant materials per task.  A difficult lesson for me to present is defining genuine love, with learners from a variety of backgrounds. The demonstration helped me to see that the learning must be more interactive with a result of more engaged and productive learning. Characteristic most needed in my community is respect, justice and fairness. The community is largely influenced by the gang culture which lacks these values.  Strong relationships can be a support structure in our community. I am going to open a CrossRoad club to teach the youth in my community which I am going to present through role playing and examples. I am going to emphasize the benefits of self-control and provide emotional support and counselling.  I discovered that I must show more interest in learner’s lives if I want them to confide details to me.  I must take action without delay. I discovered that our beliefs influence what we think, do and feel.  the Refresher course helped me very much with regards to understanding the flow of the content.

Nico Potgieter (Creare) – I have learned to promote the use of a vision board, letting learner’s set-up boundaries to teach them to be accountable to friend who made the same choice and to practice self-control.  I am going to promote a good character with the students by having regular classes with them and speaking about the pillars.  I am going to help the students to make good choices and building good character into their lives. Let them know they can make the right choices.  I learned to have courage and use the principles I have learned at CrossRoads. My courage zone will be to present more classes and in becoming more comfortable with the course.  I am going to teach the curriculum in the church children’s cell groups during the week and also on camps, it has been very effective in the way it was presented.  The course reminded me of how I can present the lessons while making it fun.  I enjoyed the last lesson where we could have fun with the lesson we prepared, I believe we can use it as a principle for future lessons.

Ian Rautenbach (Eduplus Independent School) – I learned the importance of having a different environment that other classes in presenting this curriculum. The practicalities were very helpful. We need more compassion in our community, people need to be sensitive to the needs of others.  I will promote self-control by acting out those value systems myself and also by emphasizing the consequences of a lack of self-control. I will promote good character by creating alternative perspectives on what it means to be valued.  Fostering a proper understanding of the value and importance of healthy habits.  Expose children living in difficult situations to the necessary supporting structures in terms of social influence, knowledge, wisdom and financial freedom.   I am going to create an environment of trust by encouraging an openness to be honest, share their feelings and experiences with each other.  I am going to help learners to realise that every day represents a new start. To Create an understanding that true growth takes place at the courage zone.  I am going to teach this curriculum in my L.O. classes at the school.  I enjoyed our groups presentation at the end of the course.

Liselle Kruger (Creare) – I discovered that I must make sure that I teach the Key concepts.  I would like to teach the learners from the Bible and not just the book [Lesson 11, 12] This course helps to make the class practical and better to understand.  Most of the kids grow up in difficult homes where they don’t learn good character so I want to teach them.  If I want good friends, I should be a good friend.  I discovered that I must remind learners everyday about the six pillars by making it practical for them.  Because if you have a good character it will be easier to have self-control.  I will promote good character by teaching them to love themselves and letting them see the consequences with roleplay and stories.  I will create an environment of trust by showing that we love them no matter what.  I am going to apply the skills that I’ve learned. My courage zone will be to put my fear behind me when I feel intimidated and move forward.  The highlight for me was to see how to build character in me so that I can build in others.

Group 3

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Kaeoleboga Refilwe Gaegake (Henrietta Stockdale Nursing College) – I learned that I must prepare on time and be ready before a lesson. The demonstrations helped me to realize a different way of presenting a session.  What is most needed in our community to responsibility because everyone tends to abuse their rights. I am going to implement the six pillars in my daily activities and have the five dimensions on my wall and use them in every situation to guide your character building.  I am going to promote self-control by not allowing negative peer pressure to determine or influence the choice I make. To teach students to say no to negative peer pressure, and by talking about the consequences of STI’s & pregnancy.  I want them to identify difficult situations and give them appropriate guidance by teaching them to stand firm in their decisions.  I am going to create an environment of trust by allowing the students to be themselves and understanding them.  I want to move to my courage zone by overcoming my fears and challenging myself. The highlight was the different presentations and the stories.

Vuyelwa Shibane (Wilgehof primary School) – I learned that one must be knowledgeable and have examples that will excite the learners. The demonstrations helped a lot because it made the topics to be clearer, and involved a number of people or everybody hand a chance to do something.  Characteristics needed most in my community is respect, responsibility and care because.  I learned that strong and lasting relationships are build on loyalty, commitment, love, respect, caring and compassion.  I’m am going to promote the six pillars in my class by making them the values that we must carry on daily. I will present the five dimensions in such a way that they will see that must be identified in every situation.  I will promote abstinence by telling them about the 12 freedoms of abstinence.  I will help learners to handle peer pressure better by showing them to challenge their peers to be responsible, to have self-love, confidence and have self-esteem. I will create an environment of trust by treating the learners with respect and by demonstrating the six pillars to them in my life. I will move to my courage zone by being more courageous and holding on to the spiritual dimension.  The course was very helpful it added more knowledge and I have developed more interest and love towards the course.  The highlight for me was on building a good character: by singing the Good Character song.

Betsie Magnus (Jim Fouche Highschool) – I learned how to promote self-control by practising it and promoting it in lessons.   I will promote good character by discussions in lessons plans and staffroom discussions.  I will promote abstinence by talking with learners about the topics when opportunity arise. And to build relationships with learners with kind word and positive attitudes.  To help learners with peer pressures bi helping them to find their identity in a relationship with God.  I will create an environment of trust by taking genuine interest in learners and ask forgiveness where I was wrong.  I am going to apply the concepts in my classroom while discussions in EMS.  An aspect that touched me was that decisions impact all five dimensions of your life.   I plan to teach this curriculum for one week per year for grade 8 but under cover for grade 9 in EMS class.   The Refresher course was helpful because the information sunk in deeper with the demonstrations.

David Mostert (Eduplus Independent School) – I learned that I must be prepared and use learners in the lesson’s demonstrations.  The demonstrations helped and motivated me to teach classes better.   To be just, fair and trustworthy is difficult concepts in our community.   I learned how to make sure that you link each dimension in your lessons.  I will promote good character by being an example of good character in class and on the sport field.  I will help learners to handle peer pressures better by creating and encouraging groups where saying ‘NO’ is also cool.   I want to be the example by showing forgiveness and show it in sports. My courage zone is to admit and stand up for what is right and what I believe in.  I am going to start the curriculum by doing the core lessons.

Group 4

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Portia Ngxangane (Full Gospel Church of God SA) – I learned the importance of preparation and props and the need to explain the purpose of the course. I am still wondering and figuring out how I would do the presentations.  Its only this time around that I think I now have the knowledge of how I need to do the lessons, the reason of the course. Characteristics needed in our community is caring, respect, responsibility – kids are out of line and no one cares. I must be able to show the difference between genuine and false love to have strong lasting relationships. Strong relationships are built through love trust, honesty as well as boundaries by knowing what is expected of all parties.  I will promote the six pillars by modelling and teaching.  I will start in our neighbourhood clubs to engage kids.  The five dimensions can be linked to all the six pillars because they are all under related.  I will promote self-control by modelling and teaching good character.  Children and everyone need someone to teach them about these things.  I will try to teach kids about self-worth and that they are important no matter what happened to them or their situations.   By teaching learners to know who they are, what they stand for and helping them to have a vision board to focus their goals on.  To create an environment of trust I need to assure them that whatever they tell me and wants to be stay between myself and them.  Consistency is the key to good character building. I am going to start a club in my neighbourhood.  The Refresher course was very helpful, beyond the word helpful.  The last activity was very creative and showed teamwork and positive spirit among the groups.

Matilinki Magdeline Maselwa (Marang Intermediate School) – I learned different ways of making learners participate.  Lessons motivated me and showed interesting skills. Character building is most needed in our community.  Good relationships can help you achieve your destination or can make you a better person.  The six pillars promote being caring to people, show responsibility and being a good citizen by showing respect to others by being fair and trustworthy.  I will promote Good behaviour by being the example of good practice.  I will promote abstinence through discussions with parent meetings.  I will take children in difficult situations on youth camps where I can talk to them. I will create an environment of trust by relating the Prodigal son story to them.  I will move to my courage zone by inviting and sharing the curriculum with others.  The highlight for me was building good relationship and being fair to others, being a caring person and developing good values.

Thuthuza Dlomo (Student Christian Organisation) – The demonstrations helped me to understand more about the concepts of the curriculum.  In my community there need to be Character building by promoting respect – if people respect each other there will be peace in the world. I will promote the six pillars by demonstrating the concept to the learners and have an example.  I will promote abstinence by showing them the disadvantages.  By helping them to know what is right or wrong.  Having choices in life, and respect themselves.  I will create an environment of trust by doing the story of the Prodigal son story and by encouraging them to start again.  I am planning to teach at schools, universities where I used to conduct SCO [Student Christian Organisation] The Refresher course is very helpful to make an impact on the community.

Pontsho Lesetla (Maboloka Primary School) – I learned that I must always treat learners with respect so that they can learn how to respect others.  The demonstrations helped me a lot because the six pillars were clearly explained.  What is needed most in our community is respect, honesty and caring, because parents do not show these to the children.  I learned how to do role playing, and the question and answer method.   I will create an environment of trust by asking for forgiveness when I have done something wrong.  By teaching them to forgive themselves and to learn from their mistakes.  Character is who you are and choose to be.  I am going to combine this curriculum with Life Skills in Grade 4 this year.  The highlights of this course were the movies, the presentations and the music.