A Three Day Training Seminar With CUT Students

The first training for this year (2016), took place on the 15-17 April at Central University of Technology (CUT). We had 28 trainees (18 CUT students, 2 social work students from UNISA, 2 Department of Education employees, 3 Community workers, 1 Educator, 1 UFS Lecturer, 1 UFS student) attending the training, 3 trainers (Ann, Marais and Ngwane), 3 preparing to become trainers (Emmanuel, Keontse and Mpume) and 2 coordinators (Sanei and Willie).

In the training evaluation forms, the responses from some of the trainees were as follows:

  1. ” I have learned that to influence a person to do the right thing and own up to their mistakes, you not only need to hit them with the truth, but have to show grace too which builds a safe environment between the two of you.” Catherine Khabane.
  2. Highlight for the day was “learning about different viruses and bacteria, getting to know more about HIV/AIDS virus, the presentation we had on unit 7 (teaching a lesson) and, the thirst that young people have.” Thandeka Mseleku
  3. The helpful information was, “The lessons about character communicated to me that practicing or living what you preach is more important than only preaching it, and oh! I loved the group work of North, South, East and West. It really encourages group work and it is amazing to know that you are not alone in terms of different personality traits and that we may have differences but all need each other to complete” Ofentse Leah Zwane
  4. After the training students shared during the Bible Study how the lesson on the six pillars of character has shaped their lives. Thandi has attended the November 2015 training and shared how honesty is now part of her life.

Two of the people who attended the training indicated that they want to be trained by CrossRoads as trainers. Both have a passion for community development as a pastor and lecturer.