Witbank 18 – 27 September 2016

We are grateful that we can look back on the training of 6 trainers that were successful. The process of training 3 Lead Trainers has started.

The theme in our teachers training for the 4 days are as follows:

  • “One person can make a difference.”
  • “This is how you can make a difference.”
  • “You can make a difference.”
  • “Go out and make a difference.”

One teacher made a difference in the lives of all 28 teachers, youth workers and police woman who attended the TT in Witbank.

She came to a training in Bloemfontein May 2015. Started teaching the curriculum, she was an instrumental in organising the training in Witbank. The response from the teachers was overwhelming positive. During our follow, up one vice principal shared that he was down and very low. The training made the biggest difference in his life, he acquired new skills and has new energy with hope.

Feedback from Trainers:

What new things did you learn?

The useful ways in which one can transform CrossRoads from event to ministry. The importance of keeping up with that rhetoric.  I ended up with a much more holistic picture of what CR stands for. The application of the talks presented during the TT makes more sense. The way that “activities” in the curriculum fits into the whole philosophy of teaching on three levels (knowledge, attitude, skill) is an example of this.

What was helpful?

The importance and the need for CrossRoads. I always knew that there was something special about it, but when Lillibet, in her own accord, make sure there was a TT in Witbank because her life changed about it gave me encouragement and vigour to continue using it. All the discussions on how to go from event to ministry was an eye opener.  Going through the TT after the TOT, it made the material learnt in the TOT practical and easy to grasp.  The whole team was very helpful in a way that they encourage one another,

What do you plan to do in the future with the training?

I really love community work/development. I am going to use the knowledge and skill I acquired during the training to teach LATC in schools, start CrossRoads clubs, and also encourage many people to get involved.