A Poem by Mpho Mabotja

My name is Truth, I state facts

I don’t babysit emotions

Because I believe that is (a) preschool work

I’m always aggressive and I believe I am perfect

When I call order, People must follow and obey

who am I, I am truth, But…..

I have weaknesses

I’m afraid to fail, to feel the pain

I am a rock

I don’t want to be embarrassed

I hide my true self behind my character

I want respect, Do I have it?

I want to be treated fairly, Am I doing it?

I am intolerant, always grumpy and impossible

I lack pillars

But I want to be a good character

But I was not lost

I met a gentleman named Grace

And I became fond of him

I met him at CrossRoads

He had a good heart and understanding

Our love became serious

My behaviour changed because I was balanced

With a man full of Grace

We got married

He taught me how to balance my Truth with his Grace

He said all I needed was time


I became a good solid structure

By Mpho Mabotja

CrossRoads TT February 2017 Van Der Bijlpark South Africa