Dr. Dalene van Jaarsveld’s Story

Crossroads crossed my life in 2005 when I was asked by Willie Botha to do the teachers’ training. At that stage I was a mother of 2 boys and was working as a clinical pharmacologist/toxicologist at the University hospital in Bloemfontein Free State. Crossroads immediately became part of my daily life.

I started with crossroads teaching in my boy’s school once a week for grade 8 children but apart from that, I used the principles of character training with my own children but also daily with students and patients.

I completed the ‘training the teachers’ part and although, due to full work program, I could not continue with teaching Crossroads at a school, I continued to use the principles in my daily work and social life. I currently work as part of the haematology oncology team as a clinical pharmacologist and completed a diploma and I am currently completing a MPhil in Palliative care, treating many patients with HIV related haematological malignancies and have the opportunity to discuss with them the importance of second chances, the impact of decisions on the different dimensions of one’s life, etc.

If I look back at the past 10 years of my life and my involvement in Crossroads, I am thankful for the opportunity to be involved in Crossroads and all the people dedicating their life to this important curriculum. It changed my life. One should never underestimate the effect of the crossroads training on an individual.

Crossroads made me aware of the impact of my own behaviour in the workplace and with my family. In the hospital I am confronted daily with life threatening illnesses due to wrong behavioural choices. The highlight of my life is when the trainees understand and accept that developing good character is their responsibility.


Dr. Dalene van Jaarsveld