CrossRoads Report In-Service-Training 17 March 2018

We are grateful that 8 people from 4 schools attended the in-service-training.   All of them were teachers that are registered with SACE.   Because of their ambition to have 5 PDP awarded, the training was on a higher level.  There were 18 teachers indicating that they wanted to do the seven-hour course of Jesus as Role Model in the classroom.

Jesus as Role Model of Character was designed to draw out one of the basic tenets of our CrossRoads Teachers’ Training – role models are necessary to develop good character and Jesus is the premier role model of character. Through the Jesus film attendees are introduced to Jesus as a role model of character.  This series is designed to bring His teachings on character and His exemplary life into greater clarity.  Specifically, it gives teachers a greater understanding of eight-character qualities, what Jesus taught on each, how He role modelled each and, finally, helps a teacher create applications to teach the character quality to her students.

The sessions we covered were Jesus as Role Model of Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, Loyalty, Courage, Honesty, Self-Control and Justice.  The presenters were Sanei Botha, Valerie Venter and Sipho Maseko.  We were impressed with Sipho’s presentations and he is in the process to be trained as a trainer.

The sessions were started with a coping questionnaire and the scoring was self-revealing.  It opened the sessions to focus on where they must concentrate in their lives.

Some of the responses in the evaluation forms:

  • Vuyelwa Shibane – All the virtues were so well explained, it was an eye opener to me and they have enriched me emotionally and spiritually. I am so lucky and thankful to be part of this class.
  • Monica Raboko – The training was very fruitful. All the virtues taught built my life spiritually and emotionally.  I would like to implement what I learnt.
  • Pulane Agnes Selebano – I have learnt that Jesus is the role model of Respect, responsibility. I must follow a person who do more virtues than who speak too much. Helpful information was how well do I cope, and how to control myself.

  • Moroa Priscilla Malano – Discussing the virtue with the absence and the excessive of the virtue. We are not perfect, but we strive to be like Jesus.
  • Popie Zola – Highlights for me was the information on compassion and most helpful was the discussion on honesty and self-control.
  • Glendon John McGill – Meeting others, both course attendees and presenters. Learning about compassion and self-control.
  • Mpho Ntono – Introduction of virtues and the explanations of respect and honesty as well as the applying of Justice in the school setup.
  • Lizzy Mpatliseng April – Treating people equally was most helpful

Thank you for making it possible to play an important part in the teachers’ and learners’ lives.