CrossRoads Report 26-28 January 2018

We are grateful that 29 people from 17 schools attended the course.   Most of them were teachers that are registered with SACE.   Because of their ambition to have 15 PDP awarded, the training was on a higher level.

The trainers involved in the teachers training were:  Dr Ann Kleynhans, Keontse Selesanyeng, Valerie Venter, Emmanuel Mothae, Sanei Botha and Willie Botha.

The response was as follows:  26 asked for curriculum assistance, 14 signed up for mentoring, 10 asked for spiritual help, 10 for the refresher course, 18 for Jesus as role model in the classroom and 15 asked for the parent connecting pages.

We plan to address their responses on the following dates:  Saturday 17 March we will present the in-service-training.  We are going to introduce Jesus as Role model in the classroom as well as mentoring.

From 18 – 20 May 2018 we present a refresher course demonstrating all the lessons in the curriculum for another 15 PDP points.

Some of the responses in the evaluation forms:

  • Zayn Cameron Gilliver – I have learned that we must make learners feel comfortable to discuss any topic with us.
  • Archie Lehlohonolo Thaele – The highlight of the day was how a person / learner develop a character.
  • Mikhenso Desire NgoobeniI – The important difference between Grace and Truth. I have learned that Grace and Truth work together.
  • Evelyn Lichaba – to be an example of good character.  The Golden Rule: ‘Do to others as you like them to do to you. That we must be kind, caring, respect, so that it is easy for leaners to do it when we ask – we must lead by example.  I really appreciate the course as a teacher as a parent and wife. I would like to come for another training and become a trainer.
  • Ntherise Letsipa – learning about the group interaction styles. The five dimensions of a person working together.
  • Agnes Kihiloe Jali – to learn that life is about choices.  That abstinence gives you freedom from STD’s and AIDS. I have learned a lot today, I loved the practical examples that we are doing they make us enjoy the lesson.
  • Jeminah Nthabiseng Banyatsang – the highlight of the day is that we as educators must lead by example by having a good character, meaning doing the right things all the time and not what others do.
  • Carla Coetzee – I found the discussion on character very interesting.
  • Mary Maseli – If CrossRoads can organize with the Department of Education and Life-skills advisors to hold workshops for all teachers in schools, Gr R – Gr 12.
  • Lizzy April – The highlight of the day was the sex in perspective information on HIV/AIDS and STD’s. The allocated time for the workshop should be five days because it is a lot of information.

  • Nienke van Hasselt – The highlight was seeing enthusiasm and participation and attendance by teachers and the dedication of the presenters. I realize that I can improve and have a better outcome long-term.  The relaxed atmosphere, participation quality presentations by all presenters, attitude, voice tone and openers. I have appreciation for your unselfish giving of time, experience, and would like to know how to guide others.
  • Thukela Mjekula – Today’s highlight was to realize how sexual transmitted diseases spread. I was very thrilled with the way Doctor Ann answered all the questions.  It was excellent.  The team from the CrossRoads is doing a very good job. 
  • Nomvula Innnocentia Modise – I have learned that time of concentration for children is shorter than we think, so we must attract them with what they like most, participating.  I learned that I must make learners feel comfortable to discuss any topic with me.
  • Nthabiseng Jemina Tjele – I learned how to develop and implement classroom rules.
  • Lulamile Jeremiah Singonzo – I learned how much we need each other as Human beings and how Grace and Truth can be a positive influence on discipline and responsibility. I have learned new information about HIV/ADS and STD’s. I have realized that a lot of people are ignorant and undermine the danger we put ourselves in by being reckless and wrong life style choices.

  • Khuahelo Patrick Khabo – I learned a lot about how we view and value others. We learned about Major risk behaviours, and getaway behaviours etc.  The way the information is conveyed so that everyone feels important.  The workshop itself is really informative.  It is an eye-opener.  Keep it up guys!!! This will slowly but surely better our world, our planet!!!
  • Nomafazwe Sarah Mnyameni – The information how to communicate with other people. How to live around HIV/AIDS people and the type of transmitted infections. The best is to wait until you are older
  • Mpho Ntono – The respect video and the activities which the facilitators prepared, and the Grace and Mrs Truth story was very educational and an eye opener. Developing and maintaining a good character that is encouraged by the choices you make.

Thank you for making it possible to play an important part in the teachers and learners’ lives.

Report from Dr Ann Kleynhans our Lead Trainer

Free State Teachers Training

From 26-28 January a very successful teachers training took place in Bloemfontein at the Bon Hotel.

28 people attended, the majority teachers. Newly qualified trainers Keontse Selesanyeng and Emmanuel Mothae did an excellent job.

Trainee Sipho Maseko helped with admin and Valerie Venter a teacher with years of Crossroads experience completed the team. Under the Leadership of Sanei Botha the new Free State team shines.

Follow up work with teachers that completed the training is already underway.

God’s Grace is abundant!

Go Crossroads.